How it works

As a multi-disciplinary strategist and consultant, I would more than welcome the opportunity to serve my clients with analyses, documented, presented and paid for, and to walk away.  Yet, as a conversationist I find myself treasuring the privilege to share verbally, to observe body language, to anticipate thoughtful response and to share visual observations and other sensory experiences, whether it is hot or cold weather, the beauty of a virgin landscape or the activities of Nature left in a pristine state. Therefore, I conceived of a bouquet of services which together comprises of Uncommon Conversations, offered with Nature as either background or serving as a natural setting for these conversations.

Conversations with Nature are meant for the affluent and comprises of a travel companion service to nature destinations across the Southern African sub-continent.  Clients typically would organize their own itinerary, with formal tour guides should they require, want or need this, and allow me as company, paid for and available to initiate and lead a series of Uncommon Conversations as per their wishes.  I will join them on-site, at the date, time and destination agreed upon in our formal undertaking. I will leave again at the set date and time, and from the destination agreed upon in our formal undertaking.  Of course, upon request, I am willing and able to organize and recommend itineraries, to travel along from any destination, and to combine topics for Uncommon Conversations.

Conversations about Technological Leadership are offered to C level executives, boardrooms and other roles responsible for technology investment decisions.  The preference would be for these conversations to happen in natural settings, but practical considerations for clients will receive priority.  Conversations about technological leadership forms part of an ecosystem of independent Chief Technology Officer services presented via Independent CTO.

Mentoring Conversations are aimed at young professionals and other individuals seeking guidance towards career development, or who are interested in conversations about uncommon topics of interest that would help form their mind, that would stimulate thought and would present them with new vistas upon our world.  Mentoring Conversations are best set up in natural settings in close proximity to clients.

Facilitative mediation requires an impartial mediator.  This means I cannot be personally contacted by anyone who is meant to be a party to such a mediation process, outside their legal representatives.  My services are, however, also offered via several third parties and anyone remains free, and welcome, to request me as mediator via either the respected law firm Virtual Lawyers, or internationally accredited mediation institution Mediation in Motion.  For Namibians, I am also accredited with Windhoek-based Mediation Namibia Legal representatives are welcome to contact me directly via my webpage at Neutral Mediator.  The process and procedures preceding mediation will always be discussed with parties in dispute first, and should they prefer so also with their legal representatives. 

For Project Turnaround Conversations, I am an experienced facilitator, and I will adopt my role and my stance as the situation for my clients may require.  This service is offered to clients desperate to solve the hold-ups on their projects and prepared to engage in Uncommon Conversations towards resolution of these hold-ups and project completion.  Uncommonly, though, facilitation, or mediation of these conversations happen in selected natural settings conducive to an ambiance and spirit of problem resolution, and I will arrange accordingly. 

Podium appearances and motivational speeches are presented on invitation.

Interested parties are welcome to inquire about these offerings, to request more background information, and to ask for tariffs and associated arrangements, all at Contact Me.

Every formal engagement is supported by agreement and a signed contract between the parties.