Greetings!  My name is Ferdie Lochner and I would like to introduce you to Uncommon Conversations, which is a multi-disciplinary conversation platform inspired by the wholeness, beauty, and wisdom of Nature.   Uncommon Conversations are aimed at the sustainability of Nature, society and ourselves, welcoming everyone seeking to complete unfinished and difficult conversations about life, belief systems, and about Nature and its secret language.  On the more practical side of life, Uncommon Conversations are also for those seeking conversations about technology thought, mentoring, project turnaround steps, or indeed public speeches and motivational talks.  Uncommon Conversations pursue dignity in our attitudes and in our behavior inwards and outwards, seek equality in how we perceive of and treat animate and inanimate, and ask for freedom to allow and be allowed that what is necessary to exist, to sustain, and to thrive, without prejudice of any kind. 

So, on the philosophical side, whether you are looking to immerse yourself in Nature, seeking spiritual fulfillment, or whether you crave new and uncommon perspectives upon Nature, upon sustainability and upon society in general, do consider to formally engage with me.  On the practical side, my services are available for Uncommon Conversations as a travel companion, as an advisor about technological leadership and sustainability, as a mentor towards career success and sustenance, and as project manager or mediator for project turnarounds.  For each of these, the preference would be to have these Uncommon Conversations in selected natural settings so in abundance on our African sub-continent and its various ecosystems, parks, cities, towns, and hamlets.  This is why, as a lover of Nature, I will do my best to arrange for our conversations to happen in a natural setting, and failing that, why Nature will always serve as the philosophical foundation for Uncommon Conversations.